Kamil Kuskowski. MuseuM


organizer: Galeria Piekary

In a way according to the museum’s standards, which have as an aim to bring closer and explain everything that is possible, Kamil Kuskowski used the audio-quide technique. In this way, a viewer – and at the same time a listener – has a surprise. He will receive prepared set of explanations, which stimulate his imagination. Descriptions relate to the traditional subjects of the portrait. They contain full repertoire, which is important and readable for a lover of the early traditional art. Decorative frames play a role of the point of this paradox – presented subject, which is hidden in monochromic painting. A game with an issue of imagination of rather with lack of it and with a necessary prosthesis of explanations is played. This confrontation is the best at the edge of the old an new. Somewhat a painting to be explained can simply dissolve in the fog of the monochrome, leaving in the memory one certain impression – experience of colour of the painting surface.