In Between: Zuzanna Janin i Maciej Kurak


organizer: Galeria Piekary

curator: Przemysław Jędrowski

“In between” is the idea that intends to create the experience of interdependence between the place, object and context of modern art. “In
between” is also a series of questions about modern art and man, and at least some answers to these questions. The project is created by two artists –
Zuzanna Janin and Maciej Kurak – who have distinct artistic styles. Their works are directly related, yet each artist deals with his or her ‘own’ matters.

Janin examines individual man’s history as defined by his closest relatives and the memories collected over the years. Her art could be compared to the psychological practice of Bert Helinger, who perceives the therapeutic power of his method in discovering and naming human relationships. In the “In between” Janin adapts the space of the gallery transforming it into an intimate, family-like interior.

Kurak comments upon this. He penetrates the notion and status of the
gallery instigating the discussion on the meaning of modern artistic practice. He is inscribed in Janin‘s universal search, yet at the same time he poses questions on the limits of a work of art, its originality and involvement into other than artistic context. Thus, Jacques
Derrida’s concept of parergon becomes one of the key notions for his vision of art.

“In between” may be a puzzle, both in the formal and theoretical perspective. However, this is not the main objective of the exhibition.
What is most significant in its concept is the tension between the art of both
artists, the ambiguity of their apparently obvious opposition, and the experience of the “in between” state.