Dominik Lejman. World Heatlines


WORLD HEATLINES is an artwork focused on the direct influence of the global information on our perception of the closest environment defining our sense survival. The idea is to create a room with an air-condition system controlled by the world headlines.

The computer program is browsing global information services searching for the key words (high, low – eg. death rate, oil prices; up, down – eg.unemployment, market; rise – eg. atrocities, fall- eg. natural resources).

The quantity of repeated keywords regulate the airconditioning system inside of the installation room. The absurdity and irony of this project comes out of creating direct physical effect of the global news. Totally separated form the real meaning of information, received in real time from CNN, BBC or Reuters we perceive the world headlines in its most direct way – as a temperature and humidity around us.


Piekary Gallery / ON Gallery / Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan / Academy of Fine Arts Foundation / City of Poznan